Want to make agile working a breeze? We can help

With over fifteen years of experience in the sector, Hotbox is the ultimate workplace partner; we are a brand that is trusted by global giants and lone superstars. We pride ourselves on great customer support, design quality, and manufacture.

We work hard to ensure a sustainable approach to our business and we are constantly developing and refining products to empower people in the modern working world.

Even before the pandemic, the working world was in constant change.  As we emerge from this seismic shift, where you work is becoming irrelevant. How you work, productivity and outputs are becoming the focus. It is more and more important to be able to quickly and efficiently get up and running wherever you are. On your kitchen table, at a shared desk, in a coffee shop. Hotbox has cleverly designed products that allow you to define your workspace anywhere. We create products for a wide range of workplaces from large office setups to lone business nomads.

It’s time to shift your focus from the wider workplace and concentrate on the workspace right in front of you.

Environmentally conscious

At Hotbox, we care about the health of our planet. We work hard continually to deliver the best tools and solutions for both agile working and the environment. We don’t design single-use products – when you buy a Hotbox; we make it to last.

We make the grey Hotbox 1 and Hotbox 2 from recycled polypropylene. We can’t make our coloured hot boxes using recycled material (not yet, anyway). They’re made from virgin PP which can also be recycled at their end of life.

We are continually researching new materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure we create more of our products from recycled materials.

AUS & NZ Distributor

Mason Tollitt

Want to become a Hotbox partner?

We’re looking for retailers who are passionate about selling our products in the fast-growing agile-working world.

Steve Pratt

Head of Sales

Steve has 22 years of industry experience working on international projects and contract sales both alongside dealers and direct to the end user.

He worked for Interface Europe Ltd and Muraspec Wallcoverings for 23 years in the Middle East and returned to the UK in 2017, to consult within the interiors specification & furniture industries on sales management and sales training.

Away from his day job, he enjoys spending family time out of doors, as well as eating out where he finds food inspiration and interesting new recipes to try at home.

Jane Evans

Office Manager

Jane brings many years’ experience in customer service including export and logistics within the commercial furniture and the freight forwarding industry.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys meals out and travel. Jane is also involved in the local Porsche Club, organising events and meetings.

Rachel Forster

Brand and Product Manager

With a successful interior design career spanning 20 years, Rachel met Jamie while bonding over a shared curiosity to make people’s lives easier at work.

As Brand and Product Manager, Rachel combines her expertise and knowledge of the workplace with the unique position of having co-designed the Hotbox products.

You’ll find Rachel carving a path down the slopes on her snowboard as she unwinds and ponders the next interior trend.

Jamie Rothwell


With a passion for design and disrupting the ordinary, Jamie founded Hotbox to make working in an agile workplace more personable and organised.

When he’s not disrupting the workplace, you’ll find Jamie unwinding on the river where he rows for Reading Rowing Club.

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