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With over fifteen years of experience in the sector, Hotbox is the ultimate workplace partner; we are a brand that is trusted by global giants and lone superstars. We pride ourselves on great customer support, design quality, and manufacture.

We work hard to ensure a sustainable approach to our business and we are constantly developing and refining products to empower people in the modern working world.

Even before the pandemic, the working world was in constant change. As we emerge from this seismic shift, where you work is becoming irrelevant. How you work, productivity and outputs are becoming the focus. It is more and more important to be able to quickly and efficiently get up and running wherever you are. On your kitchen table, at a shared desk, in a coffee shop. Hotbox has cleverly designed products that allow you to define your workspace anywhere. We create products for a wide range of workplaces from large office setups to lone business nomads.

It’s time to shift your focus from the wider workplace and concentrate on the workspace right in front of you.

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