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Why Brand Experience Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Some businesses tend to focus on their external customers, without considering the fact that employees are customers too. Successful businesses understand that their employees are the brand’s most valuable resource and will equally treat them as valued customers by investing in their wellbeing.

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5 Top Tips for Bringing ‘Home’ Into Office Design

At Forster Inc., we firmly believe that great design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or circumstance. Using the big trendsetters as inspiration, we can translate this look into a design that works for single company offices and smaller businesses.

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Q&A with Baker Stuart

Merging theory, research and practical expertise, Baker Stuart is the go-to guru for everything to do with agile working. In partnership with Hotbox for a few years now, Hotbox sat down with Colin Stuart, CEO at Baker Stuart, to discuss the brains behind the company, its relationship with Hotbox.

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Agile Working as a Boredom-busting Strategy

Doing the same thing every day can relate to anything from our job tasks themselves, to our commute, to our working hours or our working environment. We know that variety is the spice of life, so why are so many of us still trapped in monotonous routines?

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Q&A with Agile Stationery

Agile methods are reinventing the way we work. Scrum, Kanban and other agile methods now dominate some industries and departments. Hotbox sat down with founders Simon and Devika to discuss the company’s aims, plans and its forthcoming collaboration with Hotbox.

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Switch Up Your Workstyle with Hotbox 3

Perfect if you are on-the-go in between coffee shop meetings and various co-working office spaces Hotbox 3 is more than just a laptop bag, it has endless storage possibilities to meet everyone’s agile working requirements.

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