Meeting your Sustainability goals

Every business has a set of sustainability goals that touch their whole company from policy to people and products. At Hotbox we put sustainability at the heart of every one of our workspace accessories, putting a big green tick next to your product and people goals.


Sustainable Sourcing & The Circular Economy


At Hotbox we believe circularity is critical to help end plastic waste and it also offers strong economic, social and climate benefits.

We endeavour to source 100% Post Consumer Recycled Polypropylene for our caddies. Removing consumer used Single Use Plastics (SUPs) from being sent to landfill or ending up in our oceans assisting in creating a Circular Economy.

Our 'On the Go' softgoods are currently manufactured with Global Recycled Standard 100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester (rPET), which assists in recycling plastic bottles from landfill and ocean.

Our materials

From Global Recycled Standard approved fabrics to post consumer recycled waste – every Hotbox product has been consciously crafted. We make all of our products to stand the test of time, standing up to daily use and different working environments.

Circulen Recover & EU Cert Plast

Global Recycled Standard

EU Ecolabel, Indoor Advantage Gold & Sequal Textiles

EU Ecolabel Certification

SCS Indoor Advantage

Seaqual Textiles

Carbon Footprint Reduction


We are commited to reducing our carbon footprint where possible by continually monitoring our supply chain’s progress and reviewing our environmental performance on a regular basis from material sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.

Our logistic partners are committed to reducing the level of CO2 emitted by their fleet vehicles, using e-transport wherever possible.

We offer our clients an electronic green invoicing scheme, helping to minimise our combined carbon footprint by cutting down on paper copies of invoices and statements.

All of our employees are encouraged to work on a Hybrid basis, reducing our commuting carbon footprint, and to use publc transport or car share when working in the office or visiting clients.

Our Supply Chain


Hotbox products are manufactured in Europe and Asia following stringent assessed envionmental guidelines.

Our manufacturing facilites:
– Conform to current sustainable legislation as a minimum level of performance.
– Monitor and reduce their reliance on water and energy consumption.
– Recycle waste.

Our logistics partners:
– Focus on continued investment in products & technologies to help deliver corporate, social and environmental responsibilities to their employees, customers and end clients.
– Offsetting carbon emissions through ethical organisation partnerships.
– Providing funding and opportunities for employees to volunteer for social responsible causes.
– Every partner meets a strict set of guidelines when it comes to fair working conditions and practices.

Waste Reduction
In our supply chain all cardboard and plastic waste is baled using a Waste Press and collected and processed for full recycling and all of our recycling is certified on collection.

Working with Useful Wood Company
As part of our supply chain we have a full pallet recycling service, broken pallets in the UK that can’t be reused are collected by The Useful Wood Company. They recycle and reuse waste wood which helps to reduce deforestation and the need for landfill, which in turn helps to prevent the release of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere preventing damage to the environment. They are also a social enterprise company offering people who cannot access the job market at present the opportunity to gain experience of a real work environment, gaining confidence and useful skills for the future.