Welcome To The 15 Minute City

If you haven’t heard the term 15-minute city before, the chances are you will do soon. We think it could well be one of the most exciting, transformative and simple ideas to emerge in urban planning over the last few years. What is the ‘15-minute city’? The 15-minute city is essentially an aspirational measurement for …

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Working in a co working office

Welcome to the Third Space

As restrictions lift and the office opens, many of us are finding ourselves with a hybrid working dilemma. Your office involves a long commute, and you find working from home difficult. Both can be unproductive for you and your employer. There is an alternative The third space is a workplace between your office and home. …

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How Businesses Can Benefit From Biophilic Design – an interview with Oliver Heath

Why should businesses care about biophilic design? In my second interview with biophilic design adviser Oliver Heath of Oliver Health Design, we discuss the evidence that biophilic design works and the benefits for businesses when they introduce it into workspaces. In our last chat you told us what biophilic design is. Now could you explain …

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How Interior Design Can Reflect Business Culture

What does the future hold for office life and is it time to stand up and ditch the office chair? Where once the idea of ‘the office’ was a fairly fixed notion – fluorescent lighting, bland, utilitarian furnishings and a cubicle-like desk set-up – the landscape today is varied and ever-changing.

Q&A with Forster Inc.

Forster Inc. is a London-based interior design consultancy with an edge, priding itself on placing people at the core of its residential and commercial design. We sit down with its founder, Rachel Forster, to discuss the ideal workspace, forthcoming workplace trends plus its collaboration with Hotbox.