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A bespoke blend of Hotbox for FedEx

The Client


The Problem

Sourcing the right storage to power a hybrid approach

Like many companies around the world, FedEx adopted hybrid working after the pandemic. With a mix of home working, hubs and offices, the new approach required a range of new storage options to cater for everyone's different needs.

The Solution

Mixing things up, with Shuttle, Hotbox 1 and Hotbox 2

To help them get that balance right, we supplied a mixture of Hotbox 1s and Hotbox 2s for the main office in Germany, and along with a suite of Shuttles for everyone working at home. Tailoring the order to each different work need meant that everyone had control over the workspace needs in the office, at the hub or remote. The FedEx logo was also embroidered onto each Hotbox to provide a shared identity during the transition.

Hotbox Products

The Results

  • Bespoke blend for everyone's individual needs.
  • Easy remote space to office space adjustment.
  • Embroidered company branding to strengthen shared identity.

The Products



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