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Helping Wells Fargo embrace agility

The Client

Wells Fargo

The Problem

Agile working wasn't working

As well as their corporate HQ in San Francisco and and operational HQ in Manhattan, American finance specialists Wells Fargo & Company have offices all over the US and overseas. When they made the switch to agile working just before the 2020 pandemic, colleagues found themselves swapping a dedicated desk and pedestal to non-allocated desks with lockers - and it was challenging. As well as losing time moving between lockers and desks, the spots closest to the lockers were suddenly at a premium and the space felt anything but 'adaptable.'

The Solution

Hotbox 1, en masse

After distributing Hotbox 1 caddies to their entire staff, Wells Fargo managers began to see the potential for agile working finally taking shape. Doubling as a desk top organiser and substitute pedestal drawer, the eco grey Hotbox 1 made it possible for team members to move smoothly around the office environment, defining their workspaces on their own terms.

Hotbox Products

The Results

  • Agile working empowered throughout the organisation.
  • Environmental solution thanks to Hotbox 1's sustainable materials.
  • Easy integration with existing office furniture.

The Products

Hotbox 1

Hotbox 1

Your toolbox space

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